ODC ("Odyssey") is a peer-to-peer network

that allows EVERYONE and EVERYTHING to create a digital token representing ANYTHING to store, share or trade with ANYONE

How does it work?

The network is based on Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain protocol and is hosted by Toucan Labs. Users can access the network directly via the REST API or apps built for particular use cases. 



User Interfaces

Any third-party developer can build client applications on the network using the REST API and access via one of the nodes.

These apps can be generic user interfaces exposing basic functionality like showing token balances and transfer functions or they can be fully-blown use case apps.

Toucan has already built a powerful and intuitive mobile app that gives users access to their funds and businesses that are already on the network. 

Project Team

Experienced, diverse team with complementary skills, consisting of entrepreneurs and industry leaders in their respective fields.

Deep experience in blockchain network development and architecture.
Established business networks in finance, insurance, hospitality, and media technology.

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Network Fees

Each invocation of chaincode incurs a fee charged in the network currency: XEN.

XEN can only be purchased with ODC which is a fixed supply cryptocurrency issued on 
Stellar X.


Toucan Labs


Toucan Labs is a UK company established in June 2019. Toucan builds functional mobile and web apps that provide gateway access to distributed ledger networks.

Users connect to the network via an organization node. Each node hosts the REST API, a library with over 150 endpoints that gives access to the smart contracts. 

In addition to granting access to end-users, each node is also responsible for endorsing transactions before they are committed to the ledger. 

There is also at least one committing node to maintain network integrity and trust.